Here here? Hear hear?

This evening I took part in the Goldsmith Student Union hustings event. I chatted on stage for two minutes about why people should vote for me, or more importantly why they should elect a Volunteering Officer at all as no one has stood for the position for several years (!)
It’s pretty fun to take part in my union’s democratic process but I will admit, I am the only one running for this position so I don’t have to put myself out there too much to win votes hopefully. However…

Whilst I am making convincing arguments here in London, something terrible is happening in my home town that has me lost for words. Local government are moving to redistribute what little funding there is left for Youth Arts provision in Powys, effectively cutting it all together as with what little money would be left there is no chance of the established youth theatres creating quality work, especially my beloved Mid Powys Youth Theatre. MPYT is a great youth theatre that has run for over 20 years, nurturing creativity and encouraging young people to go out into the world with eyes open and heads held high. It is also one of the few remaining arts provisions in Powys; seeing it go would break my heart as the area would lose so much of it’s vibrancy without quality creative arts. My plan was always to move back to Mid-Wales but if the current council cannot see the value of the arts, especially to young people in a rural area where they are dispersed and isolated, then I’m less certain it’s where I want to be.

So it’s soap boxes and letter writing this week, wish me luck.

Sweet dreams,

Beth x

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