Food not bombs.

Yes, Food! Not bombs. We’re a group of activist cooks who get food that was going to be thrown away from shops and cook it into delicious meals for the residents of a St. Mungo’s shelter in New Cross. The name comes from an American movement started in the 1980’s and you can read the whole story here.

It’s been in the news quite a lot recently that 50% if food gets thrown away worldwide and that figure still shocks me (more here). For a bit more information about how food waste is affecting us all, I recommend reading Waste by Tristram Stewart and watching Dive! the film. My friend Martin set up our chapter of FNB after reading that book and now works for a couple of big organisations (including for Tristram) like Gleaning Network UK. Below is a relatively small delivery of food compared to some weeks. DSCN1287 DSCN1291
Here at Bexley/Lewisham/Dartford FNB we’ve been running for almost 4 years and I’ve been involved for 1 and half since I moved to New Cross and my wonderful friend Georgi invited me along. We cook every Monday and Wednesday and are a mixed bunch of students, workers, retired people and some  current and ex-residents of the hostel. This is my friend George. IMAG0362

I’ve been helping out with some of the organising since I started which is pretty interesting as it’s not always possible to predict how many people will come, what food you’re going to get or how the residents are going to feel about the food. But it’s always good fun getting in the kitchen and making something delicious with what you’ve got.

Do you try and minimise food waste in your house? A couple of things you should know are:

How to store your fruit and veg so they last longest – this is a fairly exhaustive list if you don’t mind Americanisms.

How much you are going to need – think about the week ahead, who’s going to be in the house? Make a list before you go to the shops and whatever you do, don’t go there hungry! You’ll just end up with biscuits. Or is that just me?

Beth x

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