Well it’s been two weeks. And whilst it’s been difficult at times I’ve managed to avoid cake and biscuits. On the other hand, the things I took up for lent are starting to slip.

I’ve started writing a blog post every day but then not published them as ‘they’re not quite right’, I can’t find a nice picture, I’m not sure they’re worthy of putting up. However, this is slightly defeating the point of why I set myself this challenge in the first place…namely…procrastination.

My own forms of procrastination come from a worry about not getting things right. As a deadline or a piece of work looms I start to get fidgety, hyperactive and distracted. I take on a very casual attitude to the bit of work but recently I’ve come to see that this is just a cover up. I’m anxious that I won’t be able to do really well, so I just don’t start, then I can’t fail! This sounds a bit odd, but I’m not the only one according to the useful booklets on my college website.

So, this week hasn’t been great for getting over this problem, but there’s still time, Lent last for another few weeks yet. I’ll keep trying, I’ll keep meditating, and I’ll keep replacing cake with hot cross buns at tea time.

Beth x

p.s. Picture because, you know, I’ve just been hanging around. Taken 2009 at ARCAS in Flores, Guatemala.

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