Funny face.

I dislike going to the dentist, a lot. The poking, the aching, the slight sense of shame “Sure I brush gently, floss, and no of course I never eat sweets between meals”.
This dislike was compounded by a horrendous tooth removal experience with student dentists – “So, why you are you studying dentistry? Why does anyone study dentistry? I couldn’t get into medicine!” Great, thanks for that boost of confidence.
Honestly I don’t think dentists like me either, I always need two or three numbing injections, my mouth is tiny, and I make them nervous because I look so young. And I don’t know what it is about dentist’s offices but I’ve never met a friendly receptionist there. Any procedure at the dentists always leaves you feeling funny (peculiar not ha ha) – I’m sitting here at the moment staring at the big plate of breakfast Kat made me that I can’t eat because I’ll bite my face. Miserable.

Today I got an old filling taken out, a temporary one put in and a little mould made for a whole new cap that is going to slot over what is remaining of the tooth. When the dentist did the first numbing injection I honestly thought my heart was going to come out through my chest, so I b r e a t h e d. And it sort of got better. I might treat that as my meditation done for the day.
I couldn’t help thinking how hard a trip to the dentist must be for people more anxious than me let alone anyone hard of hearing or visually impaired. I’ve got gummy ears because of my cold and with her mouth behind a mask it was really hard to figure to out what the dentist was trying to tell me – can I feel what? Bite who?

In short, it is not like this. STOP IT STOCK PHOTO – STOP LYING TO US.

stop looking so happy

Still, I survived, and I can continue to rely on good dental treatment unlike billions of people across the world. Quite frankly I’m getting a whole load of stuff done whilst I’m a student and on a low income because I’m entitled to free NHS treatment with a HC2 certificate. If you’re on low income and you haven’t got one of these certificates – APPLY FOR ONE NOW. After moving to Enlgand  it was a shock when I had to pay for a prescription, but not any more with my magical certificate.

Now I just need to figure out how to eat on one side of my face.

Beth xx

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